Lista de verificación antes del mecanizado de grafito

  1. Graphite is polycrystalline and, unlike metal, it is ground away in the form of powder in front of the flute during processing. Graphite processing does not produce high temperatures.


  1. To avoid debris spalling on the edge and end of the workpiece and to avoid internal cracks, it is advisable to use high-quality, fine-grained graphite materials.


  1. The form of graphite powder friction destroys the graphite processing tool. Therefore, the tool should be made of wear-resistant solid materials like diamond.


  1. The cutting speed of graphite does not affect the tool’s life because it does not produce high temperatures.


  1. Increasing the feed and cutting depth can extend tool life. However, the cutting depth should not exceed 1/3 of the end mill’s diameter to minimize edge breakage when cutting to the exit.


  1. The life of a CVD tool depends on the cutting-edge quality and the thickness of the diamond coating.


  1. The maintenance method of CVD tools is the same as that of cemented carbide. To avoid measuring tools and other complex objects from contacting the cutting edge, use a soft cushion, such as plastic or paper, to find the tool’s edge. Store knives in their original packaging.


  1. Vacuum cleaner wind speed setting: processing area >150 m/min; Dust discharge outlet >600 m/min.

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