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Precision tools with excellent performance

Our high-performance ANCA five-axis CNC tool grinders allow us to quickly set up or modify the program to perform complex tool design and operation as required by our customers, manufacturing high-performance drill bits, end mills, form tools, burrs, T-slotting mills, and other tools for special applications.

Perfect CNC Grinding Technology!

The MX7 ULTRA’s Laser ULTRA and iBALANCE modules and its iGrind tool runout measurement and compensation ensure consistency and accuracy in the grinding process, including grinding wheel wear compensation. Its analog signal measurement function can maintain a linear accuracy of less than +/-0.002mm for any tool profile, including ball heads and rounded tools.

From micron to nano, Toolind produces cutting tools with excellent surface finishes, higher accuracy, and minimum runout, which can maintain quality and consistency.


Representing well-known tool brands from EU, USA, and Japan, engaged in tool regrinding services.


Began to design and manufacture Toolind brand solid carbide tools


Attended CIMT in Beijing and SIMM in Shenzhen


Established total manufacturing capacity of diamond-coated cutting tools for graphite and composite machining

Custom Tool

Based on ANCA’s powerful software, decades of technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and customer grinding experience, Toolind grinds a wide range of form tools and mass-produces milling cutters and other types of precision tools with high precision and quality.

Rich tool software library

Make to your drawings or samples

Our high-performance five-axis CNC tool grinders allow us to quickly set up or modify programs so that we can design and grind complex tools to our customers’ needs, manufacturing high-performance drills, end mills, form tools, burrs, T-slotting mills, and other tools for special applications.

End mills


Drill bits


Form tools


Special tools


Equipment and technology

Fully numeric controlled equipment

High-end five-axis CNC grinding machines, excellent grinding wheels and fixtures, loyal and dedicated employees, and immediate response from ANCA technical support all prepare us to meet any challenge.



ANCA FastGrind






Grinding Simulation & Process monitoring

After designing the tool according to the customer’s intention, we use CIMulator3D to simulate the programmed tool path accurately, simulate the grinding process, verify the tool design and size, and ensure the steady production of the tool required by the customer.

CIMulator3D accurately simulates the programmed tool path and truly simulates the grinding process to avoid producing defective tools.

Through the progressive grinding simulation, the centralized "central dashboard" has a better analysis and coordination function to ensure that the tool production is error-free and accuracy is stable.

Complex profiles can be measured directly in the measurement view, and the geometric parameters of the tool can be measured at any section to ensure that the finished tool conforms to the requirements of the drawing. ​

Micro diameter endmill and drill bit

FX ULTRA enables us to achieve precision grinding, producing microdiameter milling cutters and drill bits with a minimum diameter of 0.1mm for specific industries, including electronics, telecommunications, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, tooling, and general machining.

The latest software, hardware and design features in the FX ULTRA suite significantly improve tool surface finish, accuracy and control runout, ensuring consistent size and accuracy throughout the batch from first tool to last tool.

Workshop and Management

Just as important as the equipment is the management. More important than equipment are experienced and loyal employees. These advantages are the core competitiveness of Toolind.

Workshop at glance

Toolind design tools according to customer production needs

We design and produce the most suitable tools according to the customer’s application requirements, such as processing materials, production equipment, drawings, accuracy, tolerance, etc.

Produce to sample

The customer provides the sample cutting tool or the drawing, and we measure and manufacture it consistently.