Composite Cutter

Toolind Diamond-Coated solid carbide cutter is an excellent solution for composite machining:

  • Metric and inch
  • Eliminate delamination, splintering and fraying
  • Coating: CVD diamond coating
  • High-speed and efficient
  • OEM/ODM lead time:
    • 1-100 pieces: 10 days
    • >100 pieces: 15 days
  • Packaging, shipping and delivery: Please contact for a quote
  • Supply: Wholesale or factory OEM
  • Seller’s shipping method(sample):DHL
    Estimated delivery: 2 weeks
    Estimated shipping Fee: $10 to $30 for 10 pieces
    Shipping fee calculation (download PDF), or contact us for quotation


Toolind’s Diamond-Coated solid carbide cutter boasts an exceptionally long lifespan. The compression effect of dual cutting action eliminates vibrations and minimizes delamination and splintering issues. This ensures high-quality surface finishes in milling, contouring, and slotting composite materials. The cutter is suitable for both dry and coolant machining.

Key Features:

Diamond-Coated Durability:

High-quality diamond coating ensures extended tool life and sharp cutting edges.

Composite Expertise:

Tailored for CFRP and GFRP offering superior surface quality in trimming, profiling, and slotting.

Efficient Removal:

Optimized geometry for high material removal rates and quick, precise machining.

Vibration-Free Operation:

Compression effect of dual cutting action eliminates vibrations and minimizes delamination and splintering issues.

Versatile Conditions:

Suitable for both dry and coolant cutting, featuring a dual helix for enhanced performance.

Choose our Diamond-Coated solid carbide cutter for composite machining excellence—where advanced materials meet precision engineering.

Following are the regular sizes for reference. Please contact us for more custom information:

A  styleB   styleC   styleD   styleDc Ds L



Custom, CNC production, Measure, Inspection

Extensive CNC Softwares

*Milling,turning,drilling and more
*Parametric programming

grinding wheel

Precise Grinding

*In-process dressing
*Branded carbide rods

CNC grinding program

CNC program library

*Repeatability and Consistancy
*Programming Efficiency

Presetting and Measuring

*Zoller and PG1000
*Trackable calibration

tool inspection


*Dedicated inspector
*Trackable inspection data


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