Pecking drilling of composite materials: methods and tools

Pecking drilling is recommended for processing laminated composite plates to control the machining quality at the hole outlet. This post describes the steps and other details of composite pecking drilling.

Drilling on the laminated single plate

    • The processing quality of the inlet and outlet of the hole must be checked. The machining conditions in these two places may be different.
    • Machining quality at the outlet of the hole is often more difficult to control

Pecking drilling of laminated composite plate

1) Start drilling 2.5mm from the CFRP surface

2)Start pecking drilling 0.5mm from the metal layer

3) Drilling depth, aluminum layer: 3mm; titanium layer: 1mm

4) Between pecking, the drill should be completely withdrawn from the hole

5)Reduce feed rate near exit to avoid delamination or splintering risk

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