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Founded in 2010, Toolind Company specializes in the advancement of CVD diamond coating technology and its applications. Our expertise lies in manufacturing superhard diamond-coated cutting tools tailored for composite and graphite machining, as well as offering CVD diamond coating services. We also provide premium tungsten carbide rods specifically designed for diamond coating, and we construct CVD reactors for diamond coating purposes.

Introducing the earliest diamond-coated graphite milling cutter, extending tool life for graphite electrode machining by over 50 times.
With the hot filament CVD diamond coating technology, we grow diamonds on tungsten and silicon carbide substrates, significantly enhancing the lifespan of cutting tools, wire drawing dies, and sealing rings.
Toolind diamond-coated drill bits are mass-produced for drilling high-silicon aluminum cylinder blocks used in SAIC Motor engines.
We developed a unique composite cutter specially designed for machining aircraft carbon fiber composite parts.
We began offering CVD diamond coating services, significantly improving cost control and efficiency.

“Due to the lifespan of CVD diamond-coated tools being 10 to 50 times longer than conventional carbide tools, despite their relatively higher costs, the overall cost-effectiveness surpasses that of conventional carbide tools and PCD tools.”

Alexander Su
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Why Toolind? It's about cost, efficiency, quality and more......

We offer both standard and customized milling, turning, and drilling tools. With solid CVD diamond coating technology, and sophisticated experience in tools designing and manufacturing, we supply competitive cutting tools for composite and graphite machining.
We accept OEM order, with custom logo, labels, and packaging.
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CVD Diamond Coating Facilities

Our core competitiveness lies in our CVD diamond coating technology and our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing cutting tools for composite materials and graphite machining.

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