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When machining carbon fiber composite and graphite, the most common problems include rapid tool wear, delamination, splintering, and fraying. Diamond-coated cutting tools with special geometry are recommended to solve these problems.


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Unique geometry to eliminate delamination and splintering. Diamond coating for ultra-durability.

Wiper edge inserts with mirror finish, super-durable, sufficient inventory, same-day delivery

Variable spiral rake end mills for graphite high-speed machining and diamond coating to extend tool life.

Technology and Application​

Recommended parameters for graphite machining

Graphite machining is very different from traditional metal processing. This post recommends parameters for graphite machining regarding RPM, Feed, and Vc when different cutting tool diameters are used for finish or general machining.

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Basic Properties of Glass Fiber

This article studies the basic properties of glass fiber, including appearance characteristics, density, tensile strength, the reason for the high strength of glass fiber, and the factors affecting the its strength.

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Customers Reviews


Toolind gets big order from a leading graphite company in the industry.
‘Toolind’s CVD diamond-coated milling cutter has passed the most stringent tests on our newly purchased high speed five-axis CNC. The accuracy and super-long tool life are impressive.’ -Mary Lin (Buyer)

‘As the purchasing manager of the leading Carbon company, we have been using Toolind cutting tools for 12 years. Reliable quality, competitive price, on-time delivery, are the key factors that we keep Toolind as our long-time tool supplier.’
Mary Lin

Acme Graphite Company


‘I am the owner of a private metalworking workshop. I appreciate the service and technical support from the Toolind guys. Their creatively designed tools and the quickest delivery make us capable of taking challenging orders and doing impossible jobs without adding new expensive machines.’

Tony Zhang

Higrade Mould.