CVD diamond coating represents a significant advancement in material engineering, boasting unparalleled durability, wear resistance, and thermal stability. This brief overview highlights the exceptional characteristics of CVD diamond coating and its widespread significance across diverse industries.

Characteristics of The CVD Diamond Coating

QualitativeQuantitativeUnit QualitativeQuantitativeUnit
Hardness10,000kg/mm2Optical transmittance
(Wavelengths from nanometer to far infrared)
Tensile strength>1.2GpaLoss factor at 40Hz0.0006/
Bending strength>110GpaDielectric constant5.7/
Rate of sound conduction18,000m/sInsulation constant10,000,000V/cm
density3.52g/cm3Electron mobility2,200cm2/v-s
Young’s modulus1.22GpaHole mobility1,600cm2/v-s
Poisson’s ratio0.20/Electron permeability27,000,000cm/s
Coefficient of thermal expansion0.0000011/KHole permeability10,000,000cm/s
Thermal conductivity20W/cm-KWork functionMinor negative valueOn the crystal face [111]
Thermal shock coefficient30,000,000W/mBand gap5eV
Debye temperature2,200Kelectrical resistivity1013-10160hm-cm
Optical index (591nm)2.41/   


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