Advantages of CVD Coated Cutting Tools

  • Durability and high cost-efficiency
  • Reduce the tool changes and machine downtime, improve production efficiency
  • Continuous unattended machining
  • Consistant machining quality
  • Dimensional consistency of the workpiece guranteed due to long lasting edge shapeness
  • High speed machining with low friction coefficient

CVD pure diamond coating, with the exact same hardness of natural diamonds, and flexible tool geometry


Compared with PCD cutting tools, CVD-coated cutting tools have obvious advantages:
First, the coating of CVD is grown on the substrate, so the geometry is not limited, and the brazed edge of PCD tools can only be regular shapes.
Second, the CVD coating is a pure diamond film, but PCD contains a metal binder, so the hardness of CVD is the same as that of natural diamonds, higher than PCD tools.
Overall, the cost efficiency of CVD exceeds other types of diamond or diamond-like coated tools.


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