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Why Toolind?
It's about cost, efficiency, quality
and more......

From an idea to an actual product, how long do you expect? Does it always mean that the quicker the production, the lower the quality? Are the custom tools always much more expensive? You will have satisfactory answers from Toolind.
We offer standard and customized cutting tools for milling, turning, and hole-making. Tool materials include carbide, ceramic, HSS cobalt, PCD, and CBN. We only provide products that have been proven in applications. Standard items listed are available in stock at competitive prices. Our experienced engineers will reply to custom inquiries on the same day.
OEM orders are acceptable. We can deliver the products with customers’ logos, labels, and packing if required.




CNC 5-axis grinders

  • ANCA:MX7\FastGrind\FX3\FX5 
  • WAIDA Profile Grinder
OD grinding

O.D & I.D grinding

  • Diameter range: 0.1mm to 120mm
  • Accuracy: ±0.002mm


  • Materiels: Carbide\PCD\Hardened
  • Accuracy: ±0.003mm

Measurement and Inspection


Zoller VMS 2010

  • Accuracy: ±0.002mm
  • Diameter range: 0.1mm to 120mm
Edge Geometry

Geometry Measurement

  • Diameter range: 0.1mm to 60mm
  • Accuracy: X/Y:0.001mm/A:±0.002mm

Tool Inspection

  • Accuracy: ±0.002mm
  • Diameter range: 0.1mm to 120mm

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

14800 +
Tools sold per years
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The specially designed tools significantly improve my machining efficiency. As a small metalworking shop owner, I use Toolind cutting tools to become competitive and capable of taking challenging orders without expensive CNC machines.​

Proven Products

Toolind cutting tools are all proven in applications.

We Deal With Various Machining Challenges!