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Select Toolind cutting tools for longer runtime, faster cutting, and better machining precision. These products are specifically designed to withstand the most challenging conditions and prevent downtime in your operations. Be sure to explore our latest product offerings.


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gundrill and BTA

Gundrilling vs. BTA drilling, what’s better?

Both gundrill and BTA drills can reach almost endless depth. The deep holes created by gundrill can have excellent straightness and close tolerance, though at a relatively lower speed. Compared to gundrill, BTA drills can achieve larger diameters and higher feed rates, at a much lower cost.

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square end mill for high temp alloy

10 Tips for Titanium Machining

Titanium is a highly valuable and sought-after material in industries like aerospace and medical, but its difficult machinability poses challenges. This article provides an overview of milling tools for machining titanium, highlighting its benefits, challenges, and ten essential tips to achieve better results and enhanced productivity.

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Special geometry ideal for cutting CFRP to eliminate delamination and splintering, CVD diamond coating for ex-long durability

CCMT turning inserts brazed with double PCD tips, wiper edges for mirror surface, in stock for same day delivery

Custom built for specific application on BT40 milling; 2 in 1 solid structure for higher rigidity

Customers Reviews

As the purchasing manager of the leading Carbon company, we have been using Toolind cutting tools for 12 years. Reliable quality, competitive price, on time delivery are the key factors that we keep Toolind as our long time tool supplier.
Mary Lin

Large order from leading Carbon Company for D12 End Mills!

Toolind's carbide end mills with CVD diamond coating past a demanding test on the newly purchased CNC machines .

I am the owner of a private metalworking workshop. I really appeciate the service and technic supports from Toolind guys. Their flexible designed tools and quickest delivery make us capable of taking challenging orders and possible to do impossible jobs without adding new expensive machines.
Tony Zhang